Symmetry Innovations

Cloud Device Kit

Targeting vertical markets including smart meter and grid, commercial and residential energy management, smart building, security monitoring, M2M, SCADA or telemetry? This integrated end-to-end solution enables embedded devices to connect securely to the cloud. Device data can now be managed in small to large scale systems using cloud based storage. The CDK enables big data scalability for visualization and business logic. Privacy and security can be seamlessly integrated to meet industry standards, regulatory requirements, and electronic data privacy policy for in-flight and at-rest data.

The CDK uses SSL/TLS 1.2 to interface to the data center. Managed files are automatically synchronized and replicated between data center and device. The CDK cloud service is bundled with the CDK device level solution, providing an integrated end-to-end solution.

The CDK portable ANSI C library implements all functions needed to manage data on the device and interface to the cloud. It includes a FAT32 file system that can optionally encrypt data-at-rest on the device to protect privacy if the device or file system media is lost, stolen or hacked. The CDK is portable to a wide range of embedded OS, RTOS and TCP run-times.

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