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uHDMI/HDCP Software Stack

uHDMI implements a complete feature set for HDMI applications including video and audio processing, format and color conversion, DDC, state and timing, EDID, and CEC. HDCP 1.3 is fully supported for source, sink and repeater processing.

The uHDMI software stack is an ANSI C platform portable solution supporting Silicon Image™ HDMI receiver, transmitter and switch ICs including 9135, 9134, 918x, and a variety of related product family ICs.

uHDMI is a comprehensive solution. The core HDMI middleware libraries are integrated to the embedded system with a platform porting layer supporting 8, 16, and 32 bit controllers. The features of the HDMI middleware are accessed through a application level API and test application, allowing the developer to quickly integrate and test HDMI board functions. uHDMI is supported under operating systems including Linux, Windows/Cygwin, RTOS and dedicated microcontroller, and can be readily ported to systems supporting the I2C, file system, trace log, and NV interfaces used in the platform porting layer.

  • Multiple HDMI input ports and discrete switch controllers
  • HDMI and DVI compatible
  • Repeater supports HDCP 1.3 with OESS (DVI) and ESS (HDMI)
  • Receiver-only, Transmit and Repeater operating modes
  • HDMI/HDCP timer driven scheduler and connection manager
  • Debug features include diagnostic log trace, DDC transactions, device register level access over I2C
  • External host microcontroller interface kit option to control target board
  • I2S and SPDIF digital audio support
  • Up to 8 channels PCM, DVD-Audio, and 6 channels DSD (SACD)
  • Audio sample rate up to 192 k
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