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About Cypherbridge products
  • Are your products portable?

    Yes, All cypherbridge products are portable as they are written using ANSI C.

  • Which platforms are supported?
    • Free RTOS + lwIP
    • SMX
    • QNX
    • ThreadX
    • Embedded Linux
    • Android
    • Other different RTOS/TCP platforms
  • Does your products support IAR toolchain?

    Most of our embedded SDKs are delivered on the IAR toolchain. Why? Because our customers want a go-to-project solution using IAR Embedded Workbench, the industry leading IDE for embedded systems.

  • Do you have evaluation program?

    Yes, we offers an SDK evaluation program. Qualified customers can evaluate our SDKs for 30 days. The full-function evaluation SDK can be dropped in as a standalone project on your platform. Hit the ground running to verify the features and try out the sample applications. Before you know it the SDK is teed up to integrate with your project. Contact us at for information on our evaluation program.

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