Symmetry Innovations

Symmetry Innovations

uLoad Boot Loader and Installer

Portable ANSI C software update installer and secure boot loader.

Installing software updates by web, serial port or removable flash drive? Images can now be securely distributed and managed. Encrypted files are protected in case the file or removable media is lost, stolen or hacked. uLoad manages multiple images to install, activate and rollback to last-known-good version. It includes support for a read-only factory image to protect against bricked devices.

Free or low cost boot loaders and flash utilities, such as USB DFU flash burners, have limited functionality and do not implement multiple image management. The uLoad SDK delivers advanced features including multiple image management, robust image hash integrity checks, and system error recovery features. Images can be installed from network, serial, and local USB or SD flash drives. uLoad includes a command line toolkit or Windows GUI for image management, processing and encryption, and firmware push to the target.

The uLoad SDK is available in the following configurations for the best match to specific project requirements:

uLoad-SE can be used to encrypt the software update image distributed on USB flash drive. When the field engineer or end user starts a software upgrade, the encryption pass phrase is interactively or programmatically entered to decrypt the image. This authenticates the image to insure it is genuine, and can be used to distribute optional features with different software SKUs and pass phrases.

  • MCU and FPGA image file hash signing and authentication
  • Secure pass-phrase protected distribution of embedded product keyset
  • Image installation and rollback
  • Flexible, easy to use and extensible design can be integrated with product startup and initialization
  • Optional support for trust chip DS28E01 hardware based challenge-response authentication for PCB board level verification
  • Enhanced product integrity
  • Protection against product tampering, reverse engineering and unauthorized use
  • Unlock optional user features
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