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Our vertical markets approach differentiates us from downloaded freeware or dual-licensed SDK models that can be used for horizontal technology, but fall short of a solution. Security applications call for deeper experience and integrated solution delivery into vertical market applications.

With the AK 200 Design Kit Cypherbridge provides a low-power, low-footprint approach to wirelessly secure payment transactions in embedded devices.

Vending systems, laundry facilities, coffee kiosks, and parking systems are but a few examples of non-traditional POS terminals. These cashless systems can now scan credit cards, ATM cards, and pre-loaded ISO-7816 smart cards.

Unattended terminals can transact conveniently and securely, eliminating the need for coin or currency based sales. These POS terminals can be centrally managed to vary time-of-day or event rates, track usage patterns, increase operator revenue, plus deliver self-diagnostic alerts and field service for lower operating costs.

The AK200 integrates the building blocks needed to deploy innovative transaction systems, accelerate time-to-market, and quick-start the path to revenue.
Electric vehicle charging stations and smart parking meters are two recent examples of successful Cypherbridge implementations of the AK200 standards based approach, which eliminates proprietary proxy servers, hosting and expense, resulting in a lower system capital and maintenance cost.

AK200 integrates all the essential building blocks to deploy innovating transaction systems, accelerate time-to-market and jump start the path to revenue. A sample application puts up a TCP data call, secures the link with uSSL, then executes a sample credit card transaction adaptable to just about anything that needs a Point-of-Sale (POS) solution.

The clearing house, which can be a Cypherbridge partner like Element Express, handles the credit card authorization and billing using TCP/802.11 or cellular wireless WAN.

POS Terminals can be centrally managed to vary time-of-day or event rates, track usage patterns, increase operator revenue, plus deliver improved self-diagnostic alerts and field service.

Recently, Cypherbridge has seen a sharp increase in the demand to secure payments and communications in these types of embedded devices. The security requirements, however, are unfamiliar to many engineers, which is why we deliver not only the foundation SDK but also value-add expertise, guidance and customization to help integrate the solution.

The industry proven uSSL embedded SDK provides the low-footprint MCU based security foundation, implementing SSL/TLS encryption and hash algorithms to connect with cloud-based transaction servers.

Low cost WLAN and M2M cellular modems deliver the connectivity between the terminal and internet. Using TCP offload into the wireless device reduces the memory footprint and cost for the system MCU.

AK200 includes a nationwide cellular data plan in partnership with Wyless Group, an M2M managed service provider. This project ready relationship eliminates the need to negotiate data service, and the resilient Wyless network ensures quality and coverage.

Privacy and security are must-have requirements in the growing smart grid and energy management market. Consumers must be assured that their energy usage and profiles remain private, while grid operators rely on the integrity of the energy data managed home and industrial building for billing and operations.

Cypherbridge Systems has secured design wins within energy management, which integrates our low footprint uSSL security SDK with central gateway controllers for global intelligent building control systems manufacturers.

The uSSL SDK is hosted on the gateway running in-building wireless and wired bus device load management, lighting control, climate control and energy profile reporting. The energy profile records are periodically reported to a cloud server through a uSSL secure channel.

In a project like this, Cypherbridge will typically coordinate with other project suppliers and may assist the development of the embedded custom gateway applications. The Cypherbridge solution includes a compact Javascript JSON protocol library for standards based interoperability with the Windows cloud server systems.

The integrated solution also hosts an embedded web browser used by the building operation supervisor from smart phone or tablet. CPU and memory resources are shared among multiple applications.

To end users, the uSSL SDK compact footprint along with Cypherbridge's industry experience to deliver the secure cloud reporting client and content server applications, are key decision points.

A company whose market is campus wide audio and multimedia systems required a secure image distribution system. They selected the Cypherbridge uLoad secure bootloader, and Secure Distribution Server SDS. The secure bootloader is integrated in the embedded controllers to install, authenticate and activate images. Using the uLoad rollback feature, multiple images can be managed in the device including a default factory image.

The customer firmware and maintenance releases are tested and ready for field deployment. The uLoad toolchain provides off-line image encryption, and real-time download and authentication for image management and firmware updates. The Cypherbridge Secure Distribution Server is supported on Windows and Mac OS X, and includes a shared library implementing device management and image transfer APIs. The shared library is integrated with the customer scalable device management application to control distribution and versioning for medium scale campus wide system deployment. Firmware images can be transferred from server, desktop or laptop class machines.

Cypherbridge Systems innovated and delivered the secure bootloader and Distribution Servers over multiple product generations. The uLoad SDK integrates device management and security features in a complete solution. It is deployed into systems that range from simple Cortex M3 flash MCU SOC, to complex multi-stage bootloader ARM11 platforms using NAND flash file systems. Image management is flexible and can be used for application images, FPGA bitstreams, and special use requirements. Image transfer is supported over network or serial port, including serial ports enumerated by target device USB OTG.

Mil/Aero is undergoing a sea change as stand-alone embedded devices migrate to net-centric COTS devices, boards and systems, which calls for commercial security software that can keep pace.

Applications for COTS-based security software include everything from securing the end-points for peer-to-peer, client-to-server network communication to providing a secure interactive session for mobile operator over network. Others include packet-based tactical radios, secure machine-to-machine session, data transmission and file transfer; encryption of data in-flight and bulk-encryption of data at-rest for fixed and removable file systems.

SSL and SSH use well-proven asymmetric and symmetric encryption and hash algorithms, including AES, RSA, DSS, 3DES, Blowfish, SHA-1 to SHA-512 and X.509. These mission-critical algorithms establish a strong security model for in-flight and at-rest applications, and are well matched to COTS hardware and embedded operating systems.

An example SSH development platform is Cypherbridge's uSSH Embedded SSH Server. This portable ANSI C SSH server lets developers implement secure interactive shell and SSH tunneled application functions using the uSSH solution. The server provides a secure telnet replacement and boasts a flexible TCP/IP security layer for existing and new applications using the built-in command dispatcher. The software is easy to integrate with run-time environment using RTOS integration features.

The uSSH SDK can be complied for a range of processors and platforms, and comes equipped with utilities and toolkits to manage user accounts and private keys. Build options include tailored asymmetric and symmetric crypto suite, login banner, account access control and other features. The compact uSSH protocols and fully integrated math and crypto library can be tailored to a very compact memory footprint under 50K on a typical Cortex-M3 flash MCU.

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